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  • 2016 Fall Football & Cheerleading

    On-line Registration for the Fall 2016 for Football and Cheerleading is now open!  Registration is limited and teams at some levels fill up fast, so be sure to register on-line  as soon as possible.

    NOTE: You have to Create a new user profile if you have not registered with ASA previously.

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    If you have any problem registering for 2016 Fall Football or Cheerleading, please contact Bob Freer at

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  • Where your children can experience a fantastic 2016 sporting season with Football, Cheerleading, and Dance.

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  • 2016 Mid-South Region Pop Warner All-Americans

    Congratulation to the 2016 Mid-South Region Pop Warner Academic All-Americans.

    1st Team
    Elizabeth Borowiak
    Francesca DeSarno
    Lauren Patriss

    2nd Team
    Tucker Barrett
    Emily Bertoncino
    Isaiah Butler
    Rodney Carr
    Dylan Cote
    Owen Darrah
    Mallory Eason
    Jordan Fagley
    Emily Gregg
    Savannah Holmes
    Donovan Jackson
    Caleb Jackson
    Ella Jacobs
    Shaun Kenedy
    Tyler Key
    Alexander Lowel
    l Brian Mayhew
    Hunter Mestey
    Jordan Meyers
    Mason Moffett
    Elizabeth Morgan
    Luke Nguyen
    Kelly Nicklis
    Kennedy Noe
    Anthony Pesta
    Michael Rodriquez
    Elizabeth Salvini
    Payton Seel
    Ryder Shaw
    Elijah Shelton
    Gage Simmons
    Jaden Slattery
    Carly Swan
    Joeseph Taylor
    Noah Thomas
    Abraham vanZanten
    Owen Wilson
    Zachariah Zachman
    Andrew Zook

    Honorable Mention
    Joeseph Alves
    Taylor Jacobs
    Brianna Jobes
    Caroline Lindgren
    Gabrielle Matejowsky
    Ely Wilson