Cheer FAQ

  • When does the season start?
    August 1st

    Does my child need specific skills?
    NO! There are no try-outs and no specific skill requirements. Just bring your willingness to learn and work hard!
    How often are practices?
    EVERY participant must complete conditioning practice each week night for the first two weeks of the season from 6:00 – 8:00 pm outside at the Apex Community Center. After the conditioning period is complete, teams will hold twice weekly practices. Competitive teams will add a third practice night per week near the time of competitions. The nights of practice are determined by each team’s head coach. Competitive team practices could include weekends
    What are the age categories?
    All teams are based on the child’s age as of July 31st. Team availability depends on coaches and number of girls. There may not be a team in each one of the categories below.

    Non-Competitive Cheer
    Tiny Mite: 5-7 year olds
    Mitey Mite: 7-9 year olds

    Competitive Cheer & Dance
    Jr. Pee Wee: 8-11 year olds
    Pee Wee: 9-12 year olds
    Jr. Midget: 10-13 year olds
    Midget: 11-14 year olds

    Can I choose which team my child is on?
    Only if your child is 8 or 9 years old can you determine if she would like to participate on a non-competitive or competitive-level team.  For girls of all other ages, the Cheer & Dance Commissioner assigns girls to teams based on age, team availability and number of girls. You may indicate a specific coach/team on your registration but it is not guaranteed.
    What do the girls do other than practice?
    Each participant “cheers” on the sidelines at Saturday football games beginning on the last Saturday in August through mid-November. Cheer/dance teams are assigned to their corresponding football team by age and follow that team’s game schedule. Home games are at West Lake Middle School and away games include travel to any Pop Warner field in Wake, Durham, Johnston and Lee counties.
    What do I have to pay for?
    Registration fees are due upon registration. All cheerleaders will need to purchase an accessory package through our approved vendor which includes shoes, bloomers and crop top (approx. $80). If ASA offers a Dance team or dual cheer/dance team, participants on that team will need to purchase “dance” accessories which may include a pair of dance shoes and outfit.
    What does ASA provide?
    All participants will receive a cheer uniform (top and skirt) to be returned in good condition at the end of the season. Dance team or dual cheer/dance team will receive a cheer uniform to wear to games as well as a costume for competitions. The cheer uniform and possibly the dance costume need to be returned in good condition at the end of the season. ALL girls receive a set of poms to use which also need to be returned at the end of the season.
    What extra items are provided by ASA?
    Each girl receives an ASA custom-designed practice t-shirt and gym shorts that are hers to keep. She also receives a trophy at the end of the season.
    ****Spirit wear for girls and parents is on sale throughout the season.
    If my child is on a non-competitive team, does she perform other than at games?
    YES! All non-competitive teams participate in a local exhibition held on a Sunday in late Sept or October usually in Wake or Durham County. Each team performs a two minute routine including a chant, stunts, tumbling and dance routine to music on a dead floor inside a venue. All girls receive participation medals.
    If my child is on a competitive team, when and where are the competitions?
    Local competition mostly likely will be held on a Sunday in mid to late October. Teams compete in their age division, skill level and team size against other teams within the league. If the team places 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they advance to the Regional competition held out of town on the day after Thanksgiving.  If the team places 1st or 2nd, they advance to the National competition in Disney World in Florida the second week of December. Girls are required to participate in all qualifying competitions.  Please consider the time and financial commitment required to participate on a competitive-level team.
    What is the cost if my child’s team advances to Nationals?
    Congratulations, National competition is an honor and ASA teams have qualified for the past 9 years straight!  All qualifying participants need to travel to Florida and pay for a room package including 3 night minimum stay in the designated hotel including a park hopper pass. Each person on the reservation (anyone can come as long as they book with ASA) costs approximately $500 each for hotel and park passes which also includes admission to the Pop Warner private party at Animal Kingdom.
    How do we fundraise?
    All participants are encouraged to take part in the ASA program fundraising events. The no-fuss fundraising option as well as ASA Electronics Raffle tickets or other opportunities are required to offset costs to run the program (uniforms, equipment, insurance, dues, administrative costs, etc.)  ASA is a NON-PROFIT program providing a fantastic sports program for the youth in our area at a very reasonable cost.
    Additional fundraising events are provided to allow competitive-level girls an opportunity to raise funds to offset expenses if they qualify for National competition.
    What are the volunteer requirements?
    ALL participants are required to have a designated person volunteer for shifts in our concession stand at home games. A master schedule is distributed and volunteers are asked to sign up for at least 2 shifts (2 hours each) for the season. ASA is a 100% volunteer organization. EVERYONE from the coaches to association commissioners to league and region staff are all volunteers.