Registration FAQ

  • What paperwork do I have to turn in and when?
    All forms need to be turned in before any player is allowed to practice.  This can be mailed in or preferably turned in at the Equipment Distribution date for Football players. The required forms are:

    • 2017 Pop Warner Participant Contract and Parental Consent Form (2 pages)
      • Page 2 is to be signed by parent/gardian and partipant.
    • 2017 Physical Fitness & Medical History Form (2 pages)
      • Page 1 will need to completed by you.
      • Page 2 will need to be completed by your doctor
    • 2017 Volunteer Agreement (1 page)
      • To be signed by parent or guardian.
    • 2017 ASA Expectation of Parents and Code of Conduct Form (1 page)
      • To be signed by parent/guardian.
    • Birth Certificate
      • A photo copy of the participants birth certificate.
      • This is not needed if the particpant played with ASA last year.
    • 2016/17 Year End Report Card
      • A photo copy of the participants 2016/17 Year End Report Card showing that they have been promoted to the next grade level for the fall of 2017.
      • If the participant is just starting Kindergarten in the 2017, then you can just fill out the 2017 ASA Rising K Form.

           Note: Forms are printed from "Your Registrations" page.

    Does my child really have to be at registration and why?
    YES! Every participant, whether it is flag football, tackle football or cheerleading MUST be at registration with a parent or LEGAL guardian. All players are placed in a division of play based on age AND weight. This is done to try and balance out experience and maturity with age and size. All children must weigh in and have the certified copy of their birth certificate verified by league officials. This prevents unfair advantages and/or unfair disadvantages on the teams. In our past experience, parents who try to guess their child’s weight are rarely correct. These age and weight restrictions are mandated and closely scrutinized by Pop Warner National and our local Federation for the safety of all players.

    What happens if we miss all registrations?
    ASA has offered mail-in registration in the past. We are in the process of establishing an on-line registration process. The weight certification will then be handled at equipment distribution.
    Why do you need my child’s report card?
    Pop Warner is a strong believer in academic achievement. Football is a major time commitment on the part of the kids and parents. Children must show ability to maintain a grade point average high enough in order to be eligible to play. In addition, Pop Warner recognizes academic excellence with our “Little Scholar” program. More information on this program is available from our home page.
    Can girls sign up to play football with the boys?
    I want all my kids on the same team. Can this be done?
    Only if their ages and weights fall with in the same team division guidelines.
    Can I sign up my daughter to cheer for my son’s team?
    This can be done only if the ages of your children fall within the same division guidelines
    If my kids are on different teams could they possibly play at different fields at the same time or could one child have the first game in the morning while one is the last game of the day?
    Yes. We have many families with siblings in the program and for those of us who do, we often go different directions for practices and games. You must decide before registering if this will be a hardship for you. Parents are responsible for their children’s transportation to and from practices and games and parents must be on time for both arrival and pick-up.
    How do I register my child for Coach XYZ’s team?
    We cannot accept requests to place your child with the coach of your choice.
    Can I help coach?
    Parents interested in coaching may fill out an application at registration. We can always use good coaches to help our children develop.
    What paperwork is involved in coaching applications?
    There are three forms that need to be completed.
    1. Application form - outlines coaching experience and youth work experience as well as asks for references
    2. Criminal Background Check - Form collects information necessary to run a criminal background check on the applicant.
    3. Coaching Rules and Responsibilities - Outlines the behavior and obligations expected of head coaches and assistant coaches